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Open RBR-LT WRC 2020




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Open RBR-LT IRC Masters cup Regulation

Idea of championship

Make totaly new championship, with unique rules system. When we can find best virtual rally driver in 2014. And, driver must to be best not only in one car group but in several of thems.
He must have good rally experience, used stability, strategy and tactic!

And of course, we will have a prizes – real prizes – rally cup!
Championship will star in 2014 January, second week.



For main system we take real world IRC, thats mean, in our championship, is allowed next car groups: S1600, N, S2000 and additional one – A8.

Championship will star from wednesday up to second week tuesday. Have 2 virtual days - 2 LEG system.

16-18 specials stages and 2-3 service zones (40-60 min.) with superrally rules in each others.

We will have 12 rally events (RE).
In every car group we must drive 3 or 6 rally events. (If driver doesn't have paid licensed cars group – 6 rally events for car group)


Allowed in tournament: S1600, N – free license, and with payed licens: S2000, A83 EU or 10 LT for all seasone. Finally for all seazone you can have 4 different group or just 2...

Payment is going for the prize fund and for our web page support.

Change car is not allowed. But not necessary choose all cars from start of championship. You can add others cars in future.

All car groups must to be used from 3 - up to 6 rally events (by having license): If user used free license, he must (in current car group) no more then 6 RE. If have payment no more 3 RE in each car. For final result, driver must start no less then 2/3 of all rally events. Nad nor les then 2 events for each car...

If driver runs over limits RE – result is not allowed (in current RE)

License payment: Don't forget write Czech plugin Nickname!

Points system

20 prizes place. First place - 20 points, 20 position – 1 point.
1 SS with superrally rules - minus 1 point. No one finished stage without superrally – no points.

On seasone last rally event, we will have stage with „Power stage“ status. To get main result in overall standing.


Users can registred just one time.
Three fastest drivers in each cars groups in each rally stage must upload replays in plugin web site, if not – drivers don't get any points from event. Time for upload 7 days after RE finish.

The system of fines

Driver can't cut with 4 wheels inside radius of corner, from bush grass and others from not visible curtain. Penalty +5 sec on each one. If driver have over 3 cuts he will get DQ penalty in RE. Replay can check all tournament drivers and report about cut in out tournament forum.

User can't used two names in this tournament, we will check IP adress. If found someone – DQ for all years in all RBR-LT championships... If some, two different persons, must drive from PC must report about that organizators and prove your identity

Request system

Request is allow if driver have „Did not start“ in „Retired cars“ list. In exceptional cases, if driver not start stage and he not involved in any time check points.

All others situation: lost internet connection, problem with eelectricity, antivirus and others outside problem is the same as technical car problem and request not accept.

Sorry for terrible english ;)



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