Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 11.22-23

Rally - 11.24-29




Open RBR LT WRC party event
Open RBR-LT WRC 2021


Tournament - 12.25-31

Password: 2021PARTY




WRC21 top5 R12


WRC20 N13
   Second day of Rally Turkey began with seconds longest stage of the rally and ahead of 87 kilometers of special stages. Rally leader Roni Lotjonen lost on the first one for Kirill Kolomiets and it seemed like Finn will have some competition. But in the next stage Kirill hit a tree and retired from a race while another Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT driver Remus Diaconescu won this stage and Roni kept struggling. Remus was fastest in SS5 again and Lotjonen lost more than 20 seconds in that one, it seemed that everything was falling apart for Roni. However the difference still was around 20 seconds and championship leader from Romania had to retire before SS6 according to technical issues. So M-Sport Ford WRT leader had concentrated after service and won two stages in a row, then again had some problems with understeer of Fiesta and lost some time, but at the end of the day Roni was leading a rally by 1 minute and 38.57 seconds against Libor Tomecek. In 3rd place, with surprisingly stable driving, Echedei Benitez form Hyundai Motorsport N team with just 14.83 seconds from 2nd place.
   Spaniard also is leading in WRC 2 category with just one stage win in second day, but then again very stable driver. Echedei had almost 53 seconds advantage before last stage of the day against Jan Gais in 2nd place, but the last stage was a seconds stage win for Slovakian. So Jan cut almost 14 seconds from class leader and now is loosing 39.20 seconds, some words from Jan,- "Last 3 SS damaged radiator after jump so I'm glad to be finally here, flat out but setup is not ready equally for all stages". Vilius Šaltenis holds a 3rd place piloting a R5 Polo, but his chances to climb higher are up to mistakes of those two in front. It's because Lithuanian is down by 3 minutes on Benitez, but just 14.40 seconds in front of Evgenyi Panyushkin who will definitely try to catch him.
   The beginning of second day was sensational for JUNIOR WRC classification. Leader Jyrki Niemela damaged his cooling system after one of the jumps in SS3 and overheated his engine which led to retire from a leader position and fight for it. The leader role was immediately taken by Nazariy Lebed, Ukrainian was leading almost whole seconds day and won 4 special stages. Just Maciej Zawisza was too good in Kizlan special stage. Polish guy killed everyone in first run by 40 seconds win in that stage and almost took a lead from Lebed when it came to just 0.61 seconds gap. Later in the second run Maciej won again, this time Lebed lost over 30 seconds to Pole and it was too much. Maciej took a lead and has 19.62 seconds advantage before last day. Antonio Ortega has dropped to
3rd place after he was 2nd after first day, Spaniard also has more than 3 minutes gap from class leader.
   Last day of Rally Turkey will have 2 different special stages run by two times, one of them will be longest of the rally and has big chances to mix the things up even more.
wrc20 TURKEY D2