Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 11.22-23

Rally - 11.24-29




Open RBR LT WRC party event
Open RBR-LT WRC 2021


Tournament - 12.25-31

Password: 2021PARTY




WRC21 top5 R12


WRC20 N15
   First day of Rally Italia Sardegna began with Latvian Raivo Dabins lead. After Hyundau Shell Mobis WRT new guy won a shakedown session, Raivo won the opening stage as well. However Latvian lost a lead in a next stage where M-Sport Ford WRT star Ocar Estevez took a win and took a rally lead till the end of the day. "Good first day for me, not mistakes and good times. See you tomorrow." ,- that was Oscar's comment after day one finish. SS4 was crucial for Raivo Dabins, if not those 26 seconds lost on that stage for Oscar, Raivo might be just 10 seconds behind him instead of 34.57 at the moment. Hyundai driver admitted it himself,- "Really wasn't my stages.. it specially ss2/4. did many mistakes + one huge spin and lost much time. But okey. Will try to push much harder 2nd day..". Meanwhile Echedei Benitez is showing amazing driving and stability on a seconds event in a row. WRC 2 driver is holding a 3rd place after day one with just 6.31 seconds behind Raivo, which is just 40 seconds loss to rally leader Oscar Estevez. Echedei's comment after day one,- "Problems in some corners, but OK. at the moment good first leg for me". Of course the Spaniard will have some hard time in the next stages, because he is holding four WRC cars close to is back. Mateusz Przyszlakowski and current Open RBR-LT WRC championship leader Remus Diaconescu definately aren't those guys who will let to be defeated by an R5 car.
   Jan Gais was chasing Echedei but then again the difference on SS1/3 and SS2/4 results was very clear. For some guys one stage was more suitable than for others and that was visible clearly. So again SS4 required on more leader mistake and Jan was that one. Slovakian made a crash and that is what made him to set back from Echedei quite far, over 1 minute gap after first day. Mirek Woronecki is almost a minute from Jan, and all other drivers are gaped in safe distances so no real fights for positions is happening in WRC 2 category at the moment.
   However in a JUNIOR WRC there is a totally different story. No wonders that leader in this class is Jyrki Niemela, but the fight for seconds place was boiling the whole first day. The second place position was flipping between Maciej Zawisza, Lebed Nazariy and Toms Kineens almost in each stage. At the end of SS6 Latvian managed to be in that hot place with 1min and 47.29sec gap from Jyrki who said that it was a perfect day for him. Just 3.99 seconds behind in 3rd place is Maciej Zawisza and not far away in 4th place we see Lebed Nazariy with 9.23 seconds gap from Pole.

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