Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 11.22-23

Rally - 11.24-29




Open RBR LT WRC party event
Open RBR-LT WRC 2021


Tournament - 12.25-31

Password: 2021PARTY




WRC21 top5 R12


WRC20 N16
   The 6th event of Open RBR-LT WRC 2020 season had finished in Sardegna. From 35 participants who began the rally, only 14 reached the finish. We had many strong names at the start, but only the strongest survived unexpectedly hard Italian event.
   After Oscar Estevez retirement in the very first stage of the seconds day, rally lead was taken by Latvian Raivo Dabins, who was shining in this event from a beginning. Unfortunately it was also unlucky for him,- "What a idiot.. Goes with 40 percent start minding about some stupid things and crash. Temp max high. Next stage I will not survive....". Raivo had almost a minute advantage against Libor Tomecek just two stages till the finish, but this mistake happen in SS14 and Latvian had to retire in dramatic way. The last two stages were won by Libor Tomecek, despite the fact that he had no there to hurry when Mateusz Przyszlakowski retired after day two and Czech driver had massive 5 minutes advantage on nearest opponent. After finishing 2nd in Rally Turkey Czech took a victory here in Italy and was very happy about it,- "Yes !!! Thanks ! TOYOTA GAZZOO RACING !!!!". Jan Gais took a 2nd place with that massive gap, but it is very important championship points for him and standings will be very interesting as Remus Diaconescu finished just in 8th place. "Thanks organizers, I don't want to repeat myself. Satisfaction after hard work.",- Jan comment after finish. Lithuanian Mancikas Meduneckis driving Citroen C3 WRC finished his first event in championship and immediately on podium, in fact Mancikas is just 15 seconds from 2nd place. However big congrats for him, this will also be a game changer in championship standings.
   Jan Gais was leading a WRC 2 category after Benitez Echedei kiss to a rock on SS7 and won half of the stages. Only Mirek Woronecki had some chances of overtaking Jan, but he had to retire in SS5 due technical issues, all other drivers had Super Rally penalties since second day start. Evgenyi Panyushkin from Škoda Motorsport finished second with plus 14 minutes and two Hyundai Motorsport N drivers behind him who lost almost half an hour to winner. This is a 3rd win in a row for Slovakian and he is very close for winning this class, only Gedvis Ralistaz could stop him theoretically.
   Mega intrigue in JUNIOR WRC for 2nd place ended in first stage of day two when drivers lost many time and the gaps became too big. From there everybody drove in each pace and Jyrki Niemela kept winning all the stages. This Finn is crazy fast and by winning his 4th event this season proves that quite stable also. 4 minutes and 31.16 seconds was the numbers which Nazariy Lebed saw at the finish. Finishing in 2nd place Ukrainian is the only man who keeps Jyrki on short rope and doesn't let to run away in championship standings. Maciej Zawisza lost almost 44 seconds for Nazariy and finished 3rd, it's a great points for Pole to be back on 3rd place in standings.
   Next up, for a first time in Open RBR-LT WRC history, we are gonna attack narrow Belgian countryside roads. If there will be not so shiny and dry as it was in Italy, participants will have hell of a event. See You in Belgium!
wrc20 ITALY D3