Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 11.22-23

Rally - 11.24-29




Open RBR LT WRC party event
Open RBR-LT WRC 2021


Tournament - 12.25-31

Password: 2021PARTY




WRC21 top5 R12


   After cancellation of Renties Ypres Rally Belgium it was clear that Open RBR-LT WRC 2020 season will have only 7 events. So all the action moved to Monza where 36 crews gathered for ACI Rally Monza to finish the season. The situation at the top of the standings was incredible tense as three drivers were separated by 6 points and any of them could win the championship. However the leader at the time Jan Gais, who had secured his WRC 2 tittle earlier on the season didn't showed up at Monza event. So the fight was between two Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT drivers Libor Tomecek and Remus Diaconescu. Moreover Japanese team also had secured their Manufacturers title after Belgium event cancellation which meant that Toyota drivers can go max attack for their own objectives.
   The event began with stages in and around the Monza circuit. This was very handy for Polish star Klimas Adrian who joined M-Sport Ford WRT for this event. Pole won 5 out of 6 stages and had over 20 seconds lead after first leg. Meanwhile the championship contenders drove quite similar to each other but way back of the Top 10. Moreover Remus Diaconescu had technical issues in SS4 and retired leaving his team mate Libor Tomecek with the ability of careful driving to the finish. The second day of Rally Monza moved to Lombardian alps which reminded more of a Monte-Carlo event in some stages. Two of them was even canceled due to big crashes blocking the road and cruel weather conditions with snow and ice forming on the roads. These difficulties didn't pass the rally leader either, Adrian made a mistake which cost him over 40 seconds. His team mate Roni Lotjonen was behind all the rally and this was a great gift for Finn, Adrian won some seconds back in the last stage of the day but Roni kept the first place by 12.73 seconds. Meanwhile Remus Diaconescu was back after unfortunate first leg and was pushing hard fighting back the seconds from Libor, but in the treacherous SS10 Romanian again suffered a technical issues and had to retire again. Libor Tomecek kept his stable and calm driving with no mistakes finishing in 4th place after second leg. The last third leg consisted of 3 special stages in Monza racing circuit was the last chance for Adrian to fight back his first place. He won the first one with a mistake of Roni and the gap was cut down to just 5.39 seconds. However the next stage was more likely to Finn and was won by him two times including Wolf Power Stage victory. Roni recovered his lead to 15.11 seconds and won his seconds event in 2020 season,- "Decent rally for me, couple spins and mistakes but overall pretty good. Thanks for the rally!". Remus Diaconescu didn't continue the rally as the team was not able to figure out the technical issues on his car in time and this meant one thing - Libor Tomecek will be a new Open RBR-LT WRC champion if he makes through those last three stages and he did it with no issues! "Yes ! yes ! Thank organizers for all session! Thank for Toyota Gazoo Racing to the team members ! And thanks to all rivals !" ,-the joy of Libor could not be hidden! Czech finished the rally in 4th place loosing almost 4 minutes to Roni, 3rd place was taken by Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT driver Mateusz Przyszlakowski who lost 1 minute to rally winner.
   WRC 2 champion was clear before the event so just other positions holders were fighting for the last points. Pole Dominik Sawicki started to dictate the conditions in this category from the first stages and kept it till the end winning 12 of them. Only Hyundai Motorsport N driver Paulius Butmanas managed to keep some fight with intervention in few stages, but in the end Lithuanian lost over 2 minutes to Dominik and finished second. Third place were taken by another Polish guy Mirek Woronecki who lost almost 4 minutes to his countryman. Here is the Dominik thoughts after the finish,- "Really nice rally thanks to organizers. Difficult conditions and great stages. See you next year maybe (smiles)".
   Jyrki Niemela's Opel in Monza was attacked like never before this season. Maciej Zawisza with a company of Ivan Arnaiz and Michal Dohnal was pushing for the first stages and unexpectedly Jyrki wasn't the only guy winning stages here. However Finn's stability is almost 100 percent and while his opponents started to make mistakes and get retired, Jyrki drove as he drivers all the time. After first leg he led by 30 seconds, not much has changed in the second one and Finn kept the similar advantage. In the last leg Jyrki decided to slow down a bit knowing that if he doesn't take required points, Lebed Nazariy had theoretical chances of stealing his JUNIOR WRC title. Meanwhile Maciej Zawisza decided to push on last day and won two stages but that was too late and not enough to catch Finn. Jyrki Niemela won the rally by 26.45 seconds over Maciej and secured his JUNIOR WRC title,- "Great season for me! Thanks RBR-LT!". Behind 2nd placed Maciej in 3rd place we see Spaniard Ivan Arnaiz who had lost over 1 minute to rally winner.
   Congratulations to our new Open RBR-LT WRC champion Libor Tomecek who won 2020 season! Also big congrats to Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT for becoming a manufacturer champs! We can not to mention PH Sport team member Jan Gais who become WRC 2 champion and also a vice champion of Open RBR-LT WRC 2020. 3rd place Bronze prize is like a consolation prize for Remus Diaconescu. Hyundai Motorsport N driver Robertas Kulikauskas become WRC 2 vice champion and Gedvis Ralistaz from M-Sport Ford gets bronze. JUNIOR WRC champion title goes to Jyrki Niemela after impressive season. Lebed Nazariy is vice champion and Maciej Zawisza gets JUNIOR WRC bronze. Despite very hard year for Open RBR-LT WRC 2020 season we had quite an interesting rallies and great championship finish.
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